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Has anybody else ever received one of these
E-MAIL: ahamidu@africamail.com

Attn: sir


My name is Dr. ABUBAKAR HAMIDU and I work with the Nigerian Customs
Service. I am the Area Controller of Customs Service in Muritala Mohammed
International Airport, Lagos - Nigeria. I know that you may be surprised
to receive this message from an unknown person but I want you to
understand that I got your contact through my position as a member of an
International Trade Organisation and also through my contact at your
countries Trade mission based in Nigeria . Hence I made up my mind to
contact you for this confidential business deal which will be of mutual
benefit to both of us and also requires a lot of trust and confidence
between us.

Precisely on the 22/1/2002, my men suspected the movement around the
International Airport, Lagos of 5 men among them are one foreigner. I was
contacted and I ordered my men to swoop on them, 3 out of them were
arrested and 2 escaped. During this process their European Bound Luggages
were impounded and taken to the office for careful examination while 3
persons caught were detained as suspect. This arrest was not made public
because we wanted to make proper investigation to determine actually what
was in those luggage and at first we suspected that it may be connected
with cocaine deals but our findings proved us wrong.

We discovered that those luggages contained foreign currencies in USA
Dollar dominations of $100 bills and they were seven luggages suspectedly
bound to European countries. At first, we found it very hard to detect
what the contents of those luggages were as those $100 notes were coated
to avoid detection by any mechanical instruments or Ex-Ray Machines and we
had to take it to the Nigerian Security Printing Co-operation for analysis
and it was there that they confirmed that they are genuine Dollars bills
coated by a certain chemical to avoid any detection and it is at this
point that we announced the arrest of the 3 persons and their luggages to
the public but we carefully mentioned only 4 luggages instead of 7 because
nobody was aware of it. The 3 persons that were arrested were charged to
court but unfortunately they all died on the month of October, 2000
through food poison suspected to have given to them by the actual owners
of the money whom we believe are governmen! t officials whom doesn’t want
to be named in other not to face the New Anti-corruption law established
by the new regime. The case was subsequently closed and strucked out after
the demise of the suspects. Before then, we have successfully removed the
remaining 3 luggages said to be containing $5,000,000 (Five Million
Dollars) each ie $15,000,000 (Fifteen Million Dollars all) as confessed by
the suspects and I have deposited it with my contact person in the
Security Company for safe keeping since no one else knows about it and
through my friend several contacts have been made overseas to get the
right chemical company which produces the kind of chemical used in coating
these money.

Based on the facts mentioned above, I hereby contact you to be an investor
in this deal since I am a Civil Servant, I cannot be able to handle it
very well and also the miscellaneous expenses involved cannot be taken
care of by myself alone,therefore, i want you to note that we will spend
money to make this deal a reality. Also the Security Company did not
actually know the source of the funds as I told them that it belongs to my
friend who is a foreigner and that he wants to take the money away without
the Government knowing about it and he asked me to facilitate the movement.

We have concluded arrangements with an offshore Security Company to move
this money through a Diplomatic means to a country where we shall meet
with the chemical company to deface this money for our own use. After the
defacing of the money, the security company will then transfer the money
to your account through their network and after that I go back with you
for the sharing. I have been assured of 100% safety in this deal and risk
free movement of this money.

When the money finally gets to your account, you will take 35% of the
total sum, 65% will be for us (The Nigerian Partners)while every other
expenses incurred at both ends during the course of this transaction will
be re-emborsed to either parties during the time of sharing. Note that we
are expected to spend some money have this deal finished successfully.

You are required to notify me of your willingness to do this business with
us through E-mail (ahamidu@africamail.com) and at the same time send
across your personal Phone, Fax and Mobile numbers to me immediately. This
is necessary for easier and confidential communications during the
transaction. And you are adviced to make ready, the Bank Account which we
shall use in this transaction.

Once you notify me of your willingness to do the business with us, the
money will be moved out of Nigeria to the Country where we shall meet with
you, without any delay. We shall conclude the business within 8 to 10 days
from the day you notify me of your willingness to do the business with us.

Note: When the business is over, you will introduce us into a profitable
kind of business in your Country in which we shall invest our own part of
the money.

While I wait for your quick and positive response to this proposal, I must
remind to you that this Business requires Absolute Confidentiality and
Urgent Attention.

Best regards.

and wanted to reply:
Dear Dr. Hamidu,

As per your request I am sending you my telephone number,
it is 0207-999, please ask for Dan.

Also I do not have a bank account, so I request you make a bankers draft for the full amount to my company "Cash".

Thank you for your time.
-Lady Stephanie Johnson.

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