Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Debt Collectors must die.

I'm really sick of having to deal with debt collectors, today I got a text message from probably one of the slimeyest of them all, I called them up basically to find out what the hell they wanted and to fob them off to my debt management plan like the little shits should be doing from the start.

I've never been threatened like that before.  If I hadn't been dealing with this shit from my previous employers ass cuntery for about a year now I'd probably started crying or slit my wrists.  But because I know my shit, I put the phone down on the saggy scottish cow and wrote a nice "fuck you" email:-

Attachment:- http://www.oft.gov.uk/about-the-oft/legal-powers/legal/cca/debt-collection (PDF on site)


I wish to make a complaint about a conversation I held earlier with one of your colleagues. I have attached the current version of the OFT Guidelines on debt collection practices which can be found on their website.

I refer you to section 2.8 refering to decptive/unfair methods, particularly items c and e. As well as section 2.6 item f. During my phone call your colleague demanded I pay the full amount as "legal proceedings have already commenced" which in itself is a false statement, she also refused to negotiate or speak to my debt management company as well as not accepting any form of payment plan.

I informed her that I was unable to pay this amount in one lump sum, she still continued to make this demand until I terminated the phone call. She then called me back and left a message stating that "this matter will not go away" and to "call back to discuss to avoid legal action".

As your phone calls are recorded I formally request you send me a copy of this call. Further more I request you no longer contact me by phone or at my address at any time and only correspond by post.

If I do not receive a satisfactory response from your organisation I will persue this matter with the Office of Fair Trading.

Kevin Costelloe

I know I was not speeding cos I was listenin' to mah gospel music!


Tags: dca, fuck you, i hate my previous shitty fucker employe

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