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Sexism is bad.

Royal Mail - I hate thee

I'm going to tell you this in complete confidence (bearing in mind this is
of course a publci post). The one thing that I ph34r is opening the post.

I get nothing that I want to read and I end up sending it else where.
Today I got something I expected but didn't expect to actually have
delivered today.

My jerk van driver's insurance are still debating liability and it's now
being settled as a 50/50 which I expected would happen. This will teach
me for not getting witnesses.

On the bright side I can now look at booking my car in for a £250 repair,
rather than my £500 excess. Thankfully my NCD is protected so it won't
make a fudge of difference to my premiums.

Lessions to be learnt: Protected NCD is worth the extra £30 a month and
van drivers are assholes.