Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Dear Tesco…

I totally forgot to send my venom to Tesco! I still have to do that tomorrow!

To whom it may concern,

I’m writing to you today in reference to your Express location at Westminster. Like most people in this country I visit Tesco locations frequently for everything from food to petrol, however, my experience today is the first extremely negative experience I have ever had with Tesco.

I can’t fault the store for anything other than the distressing lack of customer service, the shelves were fully stocked, it was clean and for an extremely small shop space it pulled it off well.

But the staff members quite gracefully tore down all other aspects of the shop.

First of all once it was my turn at the front of the queue and a till came free there was no offer of “next customer please” or “can I help?” Which in itself isn’t a massive issue as I can see the cashier is available and I’m perfectly capable of figuring out I that is the best place to exchange my money for the products I have in hand.

Except with what followed it just made even more of a sour taste in my mouth.

When I approached the till the cashier was looking away, made no eye contact and I’m pretty sure when she did look in my direction she was looking straight through me. I politely said “hello” and smiled but I might have just turned and greeted the wall as I got absolutely no acknowledgement.

Once she had scanned my items and thrust them in to the carrier bag I went to hand her my clubcard, this is the only time I received recognition of my existence, she looked at me like I just grabbed a pensioner off the street and repeatedly punched them in the face. A look of absolute disgust.

At that point I paid for my items and thanked her, again politely, and received nothing back from her. At no point did she smile, say anything and actually she didn’t even look like she could be bothered at all.

The thing that angers me most about this experience is that individually these things can be overlooked but altogether indicates that the staff here not only fail to grasp the most basic of customer service skills but it’s safe to say they don’t comprehend basic human interaction.

I would like to thank you for your time reading my letter and I would appreciate a reply from the manager of this particular store themselves rather than the customer services office as it’s not Tesco who have anything to respond to it’s them in the store.


Kevin Costelloe

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