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Chest Hair

Tonight is...

Pikey pizza night!

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Don't diss pikey pizza it's very good an can be done very cheaply.

Pita bread
Pasta sauce
Meat (beef, hot dogs cut up, etc)

Oven cooked or under the grill.

Mahoosive coleslaw mound is optional.

I'm gonna have to do a cooking mercy mission on you :P

If this means you will send somebody to buy my food and cook it on their own time and dime then I'm there.

I'll make sure to pack a case full of brown rice and other Gillian McKeith-ish crap, so :P

I'll give you the keys to me flat dishes are in the cupboard to the left.

Tempting. I could also come out of it one kidney sale price richer..

You'd think that but I'd have you sold to the Chinese mafia before you even had a chance to get your scaple.

Enjoy your new life as a Thai ladyboy.

Pfft. Could of at least plumped for Nigerians. See a continent I've never been on before :D

It might still happen, the Chinese are well connected in Africa and lady boys are the new thing in the Congo.

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