Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Me S-M-R-A-T :D

Well today I did something a bit silly and it took me 30 minutes of playing with firewalls et al to discover it.

Earlier today I had been fiddling my Dreamhost and walked off to do something else (with the car) and came back to resum my codings.

I needed to access a telnet session from the kitchen menace that is my
Uber Dell PowerEdge so I plonked in and me port. Nothing "connection timed out". Odd I thought, it's on, I can get at it from my web browser so no issue?

Again, I did it. Nada, tried another port, nothing. RDC'd in and it worked. So clearly it's connectable. I started fiddling around with the Firewall, the iMac's IP address and everything I could think of.

It then dawned on me, I looked at the command line [thunderbird]$ I thought that was a bit strange, my iMac is called Margaret-Thatcher after all. Yup. I had been trying to access a non-existant internal IP address at Dreamhost.


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