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Pool Boys

Council Tax

So, I now have a running council tax saga, woo!

I changed bank accounts in September (bills) so the first thing they did was re calculate my monthly rate and knock it up to £90 a month from £76. They said it was because they had to start my payments from November October.

Alright I thought and paid my normal monthly amount by card so it would even out, two days later they took it by direct debit. Not cool, so I called them and the council refunded that 14 days later.

Again, this month they tried to take the direct debit but this time out of the wrong account, so I had to call the bank up and do an indemnity claim. Sorted after having to make the branch do it myself. Again paid the council by debit card.

But yesterday I got a letter saying I owe the council two months of tax and that if not paid in 7 days they'd hit me with £103 in costs and take me to court.

So I called them, I spoke to a lady who didn't answer my questions and said that my new re calculated bill would be the end of the matter.

I find it bizarre that my council tax account statement is clearly paid up yet they seem to think I owe them! I wrote a fairly stern letter today as now I'm just fucked off with the whole thing, you change a single direct debit instruction and the whole system goes tits up!

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When I say "November" I mean "October".

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