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I'm gonna go see 8 legged freaks at a cinema in Swindon, but thats not the entire point of this post. If you remember earlier I almost found myself in hot water in a shop where they pretty much accused me of stealing my own switch card, well djg_uk booked our tickets with my switch card (I authorised him to do so) and the lady just let it fly! Seriously, I'm quite pissed off, these are pretty much the same people who will come down on you an call you a criminal but at the same time allow what could have been fraud go by.

This really angers me, because they'll accuse you of theft yet they'll have no problem letting a thrid party use your card WITHOUT verifying it's actually you! He got away with reading off the FRONT of my switch card, they never asked for proof of address or a fucking telephone number, they just said "Just bring the card in when you pick up your tickets".

So in theory djg_uk could have stolen my card, used it and I'd be liable for anything after £50 because some cunty bitch decided that they'll only prevent the card owner from actually using THEIR OWN FUCKING CARD.

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