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Sexism is bad.

Being Late is Practically on Time!

A while back I solicited for a deskshot competition with some kind of unfair and biased outcome.  Only three of you decided to hand over the goods, the rest of you will die a horrible death brought on by a plague of choclate chocolate cakes and snickers bars.

Yes, you heard me.  SNICKERS.

Anyways, regardless of the endless calorific horror the rest of you have to suffer, please comment with your favourite screen thing or add your own and I’ll update the post, because seeing as I originally started this concept in say, June, and left it well and truely unfollowed up.  I guess it would be hypocritical to not accept late entries.

So we commence the showcase:-

^ cecilgene ^

^ kuzanagi_ ^

^ rwbadger ^

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I think that rwbadger's is the best.

I agree fully with your unbiased opinion.

provides access

Hey! Just thought I’d chime in. I really enjoyed your post. Keep up the awesome effort.

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