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  • Fri, 22:34: Other than the real people I interact with it seems the majority of my followers are robotic spam merchants. I feel so dirty.
  • Fri, 22:38: "Audioscrobbler is now syncing your iPod with iTunes, please do not disconnect". Um, dude, what iPod?
  • Fri, 22:41: "iTunes can not find this Podcast, possibly the URL is incorrect" - That's why Safari is capable of accessing the feed, of course.
  • Fri, 22:42: My computer is being a right fucking spanner. Have I downloaded the iTard update?
  • Fri, 22:49: Check out Верка Сердючка @lastfm http://t.co/4lsH4aQ
  • Fri, 22:55: cough cough cough choke choke choke cough cough cough. Starting to get quite bored of this cold bollocks.
  • Sat, 01:30: Just finished watching Queen of the Damned. Now for Resident Evil. http://myloc.me/dVOCb
  • Sat, 10:20: The national lottery thinks I'm outside of the UK! I think you'll find I'm not, check my phone's location! http://plixi.com/p/55523817
  • Sat, 11:13: MAKE IT STOP! I just managed to come across some Bieber fans frothing at their nether regions on Twitter. Ugh! Argh!!! http://myloc.me/dWZ8B
  • Sat, 11:35: And when I say frothing I mean like this http://bit.ly/baVkhL
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