Кевин (mmn) wrote,

I'm such a spazoid.

Seriously, I have spent something like 3 days trying to figure out why my TFN email keeps vanishing at random intervals.  I couldn't explain the kooky non-linearness of the whole situation until 3 minutes ago.

Up until 3 days ago I used to have my iMac download email every 5 minutes, delete the server copy and store in in my /var/kevin/mail folder so I could use it on my iMac with nearly unlimited storage and using Alpine.  3 days ago, I changed my mind on this so I could start using Horde on the TFN server and syncronise that bad boy on to my Blackberry.

However, emails would go vanishing randomly.  So I checked my iMac, nope, not downloading and checked it wasn't BIS going crazy and deleting everything like a complete retard by deleting and reinstalling the account no less than 10 times.

Today however, I figured it out.  Probably a long long time ago I had Gmail collect my TFN emails, since my iMac was doing it every 5 minutes it was guaranteed that unless Gmail was increadibly lucky it would never get to the emails first.  When I turned it off Gmail shot it's load over all the emails and did as instructed, download, delete, repeat.

As Gmail collects POP3 accounts rather randomly this would explain the not so scheduled disapearences.  Today I went in to that un-used account that I had collecting the mail some time ago and thought "these seem rather new, and very familiar".  DOH.

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