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The Road Ends Here (for now)

So 2011 has now offically commenced, the VAT has gone up by 2.5% and according to most sources everybody is going to die as a result. Which is kind of true if all the basics of life weren't VAT exclusive.

But enough about the VAT, I have a bigger foe, VED, Fuel Duty and Car Insurance.

I've had to make the decision to take my car off the road for a few months until the general cost of motoring becomes somewhat more affordable. With fuel at 1.30/litre it's just completely out of my budget, so I've resorted down to the train as a half acceptable alternative.

So I've started the SORN process and the Road Tax refund as well, both of which combined seem to be a considerable amount of annoying forms and utter stupidity like "if you paid for 6 months, we charged you an extra 10% which we will not refund" thanks DVLA for admitting that you rob people blind with no concern or value on their money. I also called the insurers to see if I could reduce the cover to the basic level. I currently spend 79.48 a month for fully comp, breakdown and protected no claims. So they quouted me 69.97 for TPO/Accident, awesome, so now I have to cancel the policy which they can't do in advance for some reason. I shouldn't be supprised as it's a part of Direct Line who's customer service is notorously shit especially when handling claims.

But on the bright side over the next 2-3 months I will actually start to have this "disposable income" people speak about so highly, in fact, it would be the first time in just under 2 years this has happened. I don't know what to do with myself when this happens. I might go down to Cabot Circus and buy something pointless that I never need or use! Vivre la capitalisme!

In other non-related news the days are getting lighter, my heating cost has gone up to 18/month but my council tax arrears has now been paid off so I have 42.30 a month more and two months left before the payment break!

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how far do you have to drive each day when you were driving to work?

45 miles each way, so 90 miles a day. A tank will hold about 380 miles and is 65 litres at £1.27 a litre.

ya that would be quite a lot , how much of yours is tax there? from what I last heard its pretty high

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but what is the city of which country? very kreativnenko !!!!!)))))

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