Кевин (mmn) wrote,

All aboard, woo woo.

So another evening gone and I'm on the second connection due to yet another delayed Worst Great Western service. Oh well c'est la vie!

I've decided the best way to write my posts is using notepad on t'iPhone as livejournal.app is a bit anal, like a French hooker in an anal only brothel.

I'm going to have myself a nice early evening I decided after buying some stuff at the Tesco Express I'll snuggle in for another night of bad for your spine sleeping.

I think today I can safely say that personal responsibility in this country is on it's death bed, I can't say much but what I can say is a response contained "it's not MY fault, it's yours" in reference to a self inflicted inconvenience. Go figure.

I managed to have a bit of a scary moment, I thought I left my bag at westbury but thankfully it's between my legs, that would have been a right arsehole of a night if that went down!

I might gain the courage to write something on tomorrows journey in, should anything go down later tonight.

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Tags: 11/9 you remembered it wrong, late, tired, train, via ljapp

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