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Reading is Awesome

So, What Did You Do This Morning

This is a friends only post for a reason so please don't go sharing this about. This is because it is of a sensitive nature.

This morning I grabbed a lift in from the train station to work as I always do, this morning happened to be quite cold.

Bundled in to the car as usual and went on our marry way, I look down to check my phone and hear a bit of a "oh shit there is a problem" sound coming off my friend who is driving.

That problem was I'm the shape of a Subaru. Then one wildly deployed airbag. And finished off with an airborne Blackberry.

For a head on collision we did pretty well to walk away without too much wrong with us. I also had my bag on my lap which for once only contained crumpets and flora instead of the usual load I carry. I suspect the bag took the brunt of the airbag as the contents were smashed pretty well so I only have a small burn on my hand.

My friend had a leg injury from the pedals and a decently bad burn from the airbag on her hand.

I don't remember much of the airbag deployment but I do remember wondering where my phone was and I thought nothing of it when I found it on top of the airbag. And being a bit perplexed why I couldn't open the door and a man shouting at me not to move.

We had the full works, police and ambulance arrived had a paramedic ram him cold hand up my back asking if I felt pain (I didn't but I definitely felt his cold as death hand).

As I used to work in insurance I knew what the process was in regards to the kind of injury I would have had, mainly seat belt and possibly whiplash.

I can tell you now a seat belt injury hurts like fuck. I feel like I got hit by something. Oh, er.

Thankfully in the end nobody was seriously injured or worse and the other party weren't argumentative. Probably because it was due to the road being a complete untreated sheet of ice and not much anybody could have done to stop it.

Now I'm at home looking to remain horizontal for a long long time.

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Shit, dude! I'm glad you were able to walk away from it, at least! :O

It's a stark reminder that a seat belt can really save your life. But it's quite weird how quick it all happens.

Glad you and your friend are OK!

You've probably been told this already but I'd recommend a hot bath tonight, some light all over stretching and possibly some anti-inflammatory tablets (Neurofen). Chances are some of your muscles will tighten up (mainly your neck and back) and this ought to help with that.

Actually the advice from the paramedic was "if it gets worse call your GP or 999 if it's quote serious".

But I'll give it a go, I know that it's usually 24 hours before things start to really go wrong. Good thing next door is an NHS walk in clinic and up the road is the BRI!

Well, obviously. I meant that if you get a bit tight or sore it'd help. If you suffer actual injuries or illness then seek a medical professional ;)

Lol I wouldn't try Neurofen for internal bleeding or anything like that. That would be stupid, asprin will sort that out!

I'm proud to announce the soreness has now struck even in the lower back muscles. This is totally why I want a robot body, human flesh is such hard work.

I'm glad you are ok Kevin. Yeah you are probably gonna be sore tomorrow morning. That was lucky with your phone, you were probably reaching for it to tweet that it's a bit icy...

Take care mate!

I vaguely remember that the tweet I was reading was not only funny but would have warranted a reply of some sort. Now I'll never find it again :(

Wow. I'm glad to hear you weren't injured more severely. Fast recuperation to you!


I think being in a modern car, airbags and the seat belt thing kept it from being a lot worse than it could have been. But it's surprising the amount of damage can be done in a head-on collision without too much damage to the occupants of both vehicles.

There is one good thing to come of this.

We can now say that we managed to close a road and piss off a lot of people in the process. There should be a foursquare badge for this.

glad to hear that you're mostly okay and nothing more serious.

I guess this is one time you were glad to have a seat belt on..

yeah likely going to be more sore in 24 hours

I always wear my seat belt for what is now quite an obvious reason. The whole uber soreness has most certainly made itself known today.

Shitttteee :/ Nasty!

I know, a Subaru. I think it looks better without a front end.

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