Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Sunday Nights = Cake Time

So about to make an effort to go back to work tomorrow, seems like a good plan really. But not really looking forward to using another car to travel down that particularly unkept road in similar conditions.

This is that fight or flight stuff they talk about, stupid instinct. Other than a pointless fear of nothing I managed to not only buy a strawberry cheese cake, but I also seriously ate the whole thing like a fatty. So much for losing a stone!

Today I lived life on the edge by watching Aladdin, good times!

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Tags: 18th-century-musicals, bbc, bloggoreah, cake, cakecentric, car, crazy cat lady without the fucking cats, food, food related, hermit, lame, lazy, negative, nevar fargat, oh noes, omg, pain, pointless use of corporate communication, tarrer, via ljapp

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