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Mooooooooooooo guuuuuuuuuurl

I think it's high time for another post of amazing proportions!

This weekend has been somewhat of a success I have to admit although I was working onSaturday morning I some how made full use of the day. Because I tend to have more time between my train and starting work on Saturdays, I quite enjoy making that three mile walk from the station.

It's not too bad takes roughly 45 minutes and is quite countrysidey. It's also quite educational, as I walked past a herd of cows they all decided to immediately stop munching down and stare at me, so I figured I'd say hello. Bad idea. In cow culture "Mooooooooooooo guuuuuuuuuuurl" is apparently quite the faux pas in the majority of circles.

I know this because the response was a pretty aggro MMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO back. Harsh, rejected by creatures that poo where they stand. But jokes on them, they'll be burgers by the end of the week, snotty toff cows.

After work I had about 3 hours to kill until my next train home, so I decided to have wander about Pewsey. This pretty much consisted of walking to the co-op buying reduced sandwiches and onion rings (two for one!) and stuffing my face at the train station.

On the way home on the train wasn't too bad, there was a woman with a dog it was a brown long haired one but didn't get the breed name. She was going back to Gloucester and this was the dogs second journey on a train so it was checking out the place and being a bit whiney when the train started to brake.

But it was amazing to watch all the glum faces board on only to leave smiling from ear to ear, the old people started talking to it, the kids were loving petting it and everybody in between were quite happy to ask her questions and spew love all over it. Clearly this was the dogs version of winning the lottery.

After pulling in to temple meads I decided that I wanted tacos, not in that craving sense but in the way that I utterly HAD to have tacos or somebody was going to die. Fetched all the required items from tescos and went nuts. Plus Best. Tacos. Evar.

Sunday was alright too, went to Iceland to pick up more frozen bits and asda to buy drugs. When I got home I discovered that now I have 58 sausages in my freezer, I sense that it will be a sausage themed cooking for a while!

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