Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Push da button.

Taking public transport on a day to day basis unfortunately leaves you rubbing elbows with the great unwashed.

Normally this can be a bit grim, but sometimes there can be one beacon of hope in the slurry. This was not one of those moments.

At Westbury station they have automatic glass sliding doors that keep cold out and heat in. In a supermarket they would be operated by frickin laser beams that open and close them for you, but not here as they'd stay open all the time and everybody would die of hypothermia.

So to make the system work they installed big push pads for people to push to open. Unfortunately for some people this can be a touch confusing.

Which leads me to this particular woman, she arrives to the door, stands, looks around as if "this should be open now" she then spots the sticker on the door pointing to the push pad located on the wall, with the instructions "«--- Push To Open".

So she reaches out with her finger and pushes the sticker on the glass door, once, twice, thrice, fourfivesixseven891011121314 times looking rather annoyed with this bloody piece of electrical garbage before somebody on the inside feels pity for her and pushes the relevant pad on the wall and lets her in.

Face palm.

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Tags: aolol, dumb, stupid, via ljapp

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