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Janet Boob

New Desktop

Desktop 5 Feb 2011

Updated Desktop for the new season.
Desktop 5 Feb 2011

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I thought "Darius has obviously started training!" as I skimmed past :) Although it's obviously not him.

You know a man who has the potential to look like this? Because you know, if you were to say, paint my mobile number on his car (guys still like that right?) I wouldn't mind.

Facially he looks like Darius Campbell (although I thought he was called Darius Danesh?) anyway the guy from Popstars. Although your guy looks about 75lbs heavier.

According to wikipedia he's a bit liberal with his name, so I'm sure you could call him whatever you like.

I see where you're coming from, nearly doppelgänger (Safari says this is not correctly spelled but helpfully says "No Suggestions" when you spell check. How does it know it's wrong then?) facially but body wise lacks the obvious tone and arguably sexual attractiveness as a result (in fact even 75lb of burger fat would probably make things even out and look a bit better).

But maybe that's just me.

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