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Good Fricken Morgen

Well today has been an overwhelming success on the old wake up routine!

Last night I set two timers on my lights to pop on at 5.30am on the days I'm working, it was a brilliant concept (and still is in fact) but of course I wasn't quite in to it when it all went down and I somehow managed to oversleep.

Usual rushing out the house, nearly forgot my phone and the works phone on my desk and all that jazz.

The major problem was that I didn't get to sleep until 1am so I had about 4 hours of sleep, so that's not going to bode well for today! This was due to my instant "not having this" dislike to sleeping on the sofa, so I chucked everything on to the now deflated airbed and slept on the floor. It wasn't too bad but I'm going to have to sort this shit out and with the refund of the road tax clearing in at the end of this month I'm going to get a bed.

Then it's a mini-washing machine the following month. I look forward to having the basics of life! I think as well it's going to be a job on payday weekend to buy some clothes out of the ASDA as I'm now down to one pair of trousers and the majority of my socks are pretty much shagged!

Anyways, can't think of much else to write now so I'll let you carry on!

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I had today! Granted one pair of jeans, a shirt and shoes down at t'ASDA. I'm clearly losing a lot of weight from more activity as they are a few sizes smaller than what I was wearing before and they're still falling off my bum!

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