Кевин (mmn) wrote,

The Young Ones

To say I didn’t have a traditional upbringing is an understatement. I learned English from watching “The Monty Pythons” and knew every single line from “The Fawlty Towers” by heart. Was it any wonder that while everyone else was watching “Growing Pains” and “The Cosby Show,” I was tuning into “The Young Ones?” In my opinion, this Britcom’s got it all: Violent slapstick, surrealism, puppets, and best of all, musical guests like Madness and Motorhead! This is my homage to a part of my formative years!

(From right to left) The students of Scumbag College: Neil, the long suffering hippie; Rik, the snotty anarchist/poet obsessed with Cliff Richards; Vyvyan, the violent punk rocker; Mike, the suave and tiny Don Juan of North London; and SPG (Special Patrol Group), Vyv’s pet hamster.

Tags: brilliant, classic tv, hippies, scumbag college, television, young ones

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