Кевин (mmn) wrote,

I Hate Thursdays

So this morning, good times.  I arrived in Westbury all on time and all good, but then *dum dum  duuuuum* my connecting train was well and truely late.

Normally I can not stand the rude, obnoxious and down right bunch of absolute f*cking assholes that wait in the waiting room.  But since it was ball droppingly freezing outside I had no other choice.

I grabbed a seat and left myself to my own devices.  This went ok for a while, until the cockassery began with minor obnoxious behaviour from a woman clearly old enough to know better.  And moments afterwards it developped in to people steping ON my rucksack to me eating their bags when they cracked them in to my face after a couple of near misses.

After those events I decided I'd spent the last 15 minutes in the cold freezing, because I was going to absolutely fcuk somebody right up.

I don't understand how, why or when people thought this kind of shit was "acceptable" behaviour in public.

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