Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Last Night - Bad Times, Today - Good Times

I generally do not understand my crazy moods sometimes. But reliably I think I can blame my mothers share of the DNA for that job.

I woke up at 7am to potter around for a bit before having a snooze that left me asleep until 10am, now I've woken up like a bag of bricks with the iPhone screaming at me like a cokehead needing a fix, I hooked it up to the precious supply of electricity (which is now more expensive thanks to EDF even though I'm supposedly getting 2% off) and left it to it. Before the Blackberry started the same shit on me. Now it's like an Intensive Care unit for phones sapping off my outlets.

I think the word of the day may be "Laundry" which I really should have started from 7am this morning (I have to hand wash at the moment until I get a washing machine) but I haven't, no matter though the important things (pants, socks) were done yesterday and I have a heap of work shirts to keep me going in an emergency (albeit somewhat older branding).

Yes, as I mentioned in last night's utter ramble that there is good news on the horizon, it will be finalised next week and once it is I can of course tell you all what it is.

Anyways, I've still yet to do my self imposed weekly blog update, but as you can see that's not really happening and I must totally do it as reading the last few months of my stuff is sure to drive people to suicide (sorry).


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