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One remains unamused.

So my backup plan to take the bookable bus kind of face planted in to pub time and now I'm sat at the train station without a drink (or alcohol to keep me warm as I forgot my fucking jumper at home this morning) and a train that is of course getting as late as it possibly can to shag up my connection.

See it's only just coming bastard thing. Not that I'm not used this kind of bad ass treatment from FGW (treat them mean keep them keen after all!).

And I'm also sure it's been a long time since this train was actually cleaned as well, monies well spent!

Anyways, today, yes a horrible horrible evil day. I had a clash with Talktalk business as their only answer to a seriously critical problem was «I can't help you» followed by «we're trying to report it ourselves but we haven't been able to». Yeah KUSTERMAR SARVASCE AWARD FOR YOO c|:oD (have a hat twat chops).

I don't think I have ever felt the need to drive somewhere to stab somebody in the eye, which I totally would have done for it not being so busy as a result of this particular issue.

So I felt the need to pub, hardcore like, without a lift in to town I booked the night bus, it would have missed my train anyways but at least it would have given me a few pints time. Well it would have if it wasn't 30 minutes late.

Ho hum.

Heading back home now, late and not quite in a merry mood with only the dishes to greet me at home. Bad times!

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