Кевин (mmn) wrote,

The Long Long Long Wekend!

This weekend has been long for more than one reason, on Friday it was of course Wedding Day so up at 8am to watch it all go down (but not by choice).

About midday I started to chat with somebody online and agreed to meet up for a few drinks at the next door pub, which was cool. But it all ended early hours with a whole lot of drink down me and a storming headache in to Saturday.

After waking up multiple times through out the night and at one stage feeling like I had to take a few minutes with the loo I got up for real at about midday. This of course didn't mean the hangover left me until about 8pm.

But since my body was making a point I was in between sleeping and consciousness all afternoon and I recall at one stage waking up and looking at my watch before decreeing «I'm missing hours!» and out i went again.

Clearly I was not made for alcohol.

Today has been equally wasteful waking up about 11am and trying to handle the crap that was Channel 5's normally awesome schedule. Now I'm sat here on my jack jones waiting for The Walking Dead to hit my screen.

I live such a high speed life! Oh and it's my Birthday on Tuesday which as per usual I have no plans for. I might treat myself to a bottle of Lambrini and find a man to give me babies before I turn 30 and this shit gets depressing.

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