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What me say?

I obviously need to make my randomly whinge bag full of hardcore posting for the month, so here it is!

Right now stuck on a rammed train, which is unusual for this route but whatever. I'm sort of at a loss of what to do for Rapture. You know I've not even planned a party or having anything particularly special. In fact my food is running pretty low so I guess well timed!

I've not done anything interesting over the last little while so that's probably why this post is about as exciting as white bread in a toaster!

I do have planned taking some time off in June because I totally need it, but nothing actually planned other than PANTS TIME and PUB ACTION.

I also stopped the car insurance this week, so I'm now not one of those motorist types. I planned that to be the final thing if it didn't improve and it hasn't. So I get an extra £77 a month to do not slot with.

So anyways off to whinge on Twitter n' shit.

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Yay for planned time off :D

I wish I had something better planned than a whole lot of Pants Time(tm) and Jeremy Kyle but hey ho!

Edited at 2011-05-28 15:58 (UTC)

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