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I think #FGW actually try to excel at poor customer service.


I'm writing to you again over further delayed services which have caused more levels of inconvenience than needed. This is not to negate the fact the evening Pewsey to Westbury service is constantly late from anywhere between 5 to 15 minutes on a daily basis.

This evening from what I gather was due to either earlier delays due to signalling issues at Reading. This journey I was taking the 2047 from Pewsey to Bristol Temple Meads. This train did not appear at Pewsey until 2105 with no explanation (again lack of communication) to why.

After doing the calculations I was quite sure that I was going to miss my connecting trains (yes, plural).

The service pulled in to Westbury at 2123 and I thought I had at least a decent chance of making it from platform one to platform two with the awaiting 2125 service, the doors unlocked and I very quickly made my way to platform two, only to find that the station staff didn't have the courtesy to see if the train could be held for less than a minute (in fact they ha just locked the doors when I reached the top of the stairs).

Not only was the annoyance of having the privilege to watch my train depart and see that after waiting 30 minutes at Pewsey station I had the same opportunity to do so at Westbury. But of course why would FGW leave it at that, when a member of staff wandered over to me and said «I guess you've already figured out the next one is at five to ten».

I don't think I can express what I actually wanted to say to his face when that came out, so instead of making a scene (and I would have been justified in going ape shit as I would have expected it to happen should the roles have been reversed) I walked off.

I am absolutely livid from the entire experience from your lack of communication which is pretty much a given when it comes to First Great Western to the unhelpful «not bovvered» attitude of the staff at ground level.

I know I'm going to get some hapless reply with faux apologetic tones and no actual outcome whilst still having the gall to refuse any kind of compensation on the grounds that it's «not within the terms and conditions», but that's not going to cut it.

I am YOUR customer, paying YOU a substantial amount of my income and I don't expect to be treated like this.

I await your reply.

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