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It's not rocket science this.

This is the basic run down: push pad on wall, door slides open. Simples?

No, clearly not. Every day I'm spending some time in this waiting room and I have actually lost count of the people who have quite violently slammed on the glass door itself looking upset the door won't open.

Sometimes people help them, but if it's just me I leave them to it. You can't be that stupid and expect to get inside, thems the rules. I don't make them, it's just Darwinism at work. If we were all tarded out to not be able to get food or shelter the human species wouldn't have made it terribly far. So consider this a test.

Of course I'll let you decide on the difficulty factor here yourselves:

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Tags: aolol, derp, dumb, herp derp, push to open, station, stoopid, stupid, train, via ljapp, westbury

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