Кевин (mmn) wrote,

On the move, er, kind of.

So it's finally happened!  I got a hold of that fabled ground floor flat, the tenants in there at the moment are off in the middle of July, then they are doing some work on a damp issue and then I'm in at the start of August!

This is probaby the most easiest move evar.  I'm going from the 2nd floor down to the ground floor and the best part is I now get a double bedroom, storage space and a lounge area not for a whole lot more either.  It's an extra £50 a month so not done too badly out of it either.

Even more strange was how quick this went on, I just have to cough up a discounted agency rate by Friday and that's all I need to do (deposit is still being held), other than that change the standing order amount.  An hour or so after I signed the documents I already had a viewing!  Crazay.

It's going to be so weird moving een though I'm not really going anywhere different I've been in this flat for over 2 years now and it's still my little home, so now I have to start it all again but it'll be easier than moving off to another place entirely!

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