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Why so complicated!

So I seem to be on a complaint streak at the moment. First was the train company (er again), followed by the train company for not sending the promised voucher and finally E.ON for being a crock of shit.

Basically the story is that in the flat I'm moving to two tenants back managed to get their gas meter put on prepayment. Usually this happens when you don't pay your bills.

I know this as bailiffs forced entry in to their flat for not paying their council tax, so no surprise that E.ON wasn't going to fuck around with them either.

Now I'm moving in with an account that's been in good standing for over 2 years and I shouldn't have a problem. Well of course it wouldn't be that bloody easy would it.

My move in date is 1/8/11, which I'd expect to be able to say, HAI EON PLZ MAK TRANSFAR OF MAH GAZ THEN OK LOL. Apparently that's not how they roll. I first have to move in and then call them to say I moved when they then close my other account and put it on the shiney new meter which is, um, prepaid.

So easy, book the date of 1/8/11 to remove it when you transfer the account? Easy? No.

I then have to wait a further 10 working days to arrange an appointment whilst paying my post paid and prepaid account AT THE SAME TIME.

Nothing like double paying to make you feel the love.

I called their complaints line outlining my complaint and what I wanted to do to get it sorted out. The chap did try very hard to arrange it but only got computer says no out of the rest of them, so much for that going down easy.

So now I get the joy of running around Bristol getting payment cards and fucking about with meters and TAG numbers on top of everything else.

I might just move my account, get them to remove the meter and stiff them by moving to EDF.

I also changed the council tax as well, bearing in mind last time I changed my bank details on their own they managed to double my monthly payments (without the timeline and repayment schedule being affected so who knows what the hell they were up to).

I was also told that I need to check they don't cock up my single adult discount, as the chap put it « I might as well not bother telling them to do it, they'll just ignore the instruction as usual ». I like honesty, it means I don't have to rail somebody out when it doesn't happen!

But I am getting excited about the short move, all my extra space, proper bedroom, proper lounge, bigger kitchen. Fantastic!

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Tags: gas, moving house, pointless bureaucratic nonsense, utilities, via ljapp
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