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Crack is Whack!


Well it's about time I wrote this here, after going off ill (with stress no less) from work when the new "manager" charged with giving me a job title basically said he doesn't know what I do and that I need to "work harder" in the same sentence; I resigned.

I quit because a) this asshole b) they took away my overtime (in reference to said stress issue which they caused) and said there was no money for a pay rise considering the kind of work and skill I do for them.

Of course without the overtime it means I'm £300 a month short on living expenses and I can't afford to eat or luxuries like electricity let alone travel to work (this is actually how underpaid I am).

One could say it's all a bit constructive.

But no matter, I found this manager was slagging me off to co-workers saying I was lazy and that I didn't pull my weight. Nice guy.

So now I'm savage, soon to be unemployed and life is going fantastic. But it's not all bad news, I hear back on jobs I've applied for very soon and let's be honest there are shit loads of them going.

On another note I need to get rid of my old car. 53 plate petrol Suzuki grand vitara 5 door estate model. Red and for a cool £2700 it could be yours (normally they are £4 k but no tax or MOT - but shouldn't fail).

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