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I'm in London today visiting Olly (I stopped in last night and stayed over)
which is cool, but getting here was fucking expensive, but only because First (Not So) Great Western lost my reservation AFTER applying the £25.50 charge to my switch, so I had to purchase ANOTHER ticket for £35. But I'm told I can get a refund for the new ticket I bought as a result of the stupidity of First. Oh yeah, I also have to get my switch card replaced because the 'fast ticket machine' decided to crack the hologram, so I've got to ring up NatWest on monday to have that done.... in the meantime I hope any shop owners don't get it in their head that I've made this card at home.

So thats all for now, I might go out for some McDonalds fries soon, as there is a tube station not to far from here. And then I've got to *try* and find HMV, if *anybody* knows the general area of the HMV in central london gimme a text :o)

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