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So @ThreeUKSupport what do you think about this? (redirected from @ThreeUK)

Because I'm not going to write this all again let me copy and paste this bad boy in to one readable mash.

Hey @ThreeUK I have 1 iPhone & 1 BlackBerry acct with you. When I don't need my dongle why am I being pressured in to keeping it?

.. @ThreeUK so far retentions have managed to piss me off, I said no over 30 times already and I've been with you since 2003 (and still am).

.. @ThreeUK I'd be even more narked off if I was paying for this 20 minute call too. Why can't they just accept I don't need this dongle?

Seeing as I now have to write this once again I of course now have the opportunity add on to this.

Quite frankly I found the entire process absolutely shocking, I don't require this dongle account any further which is why I called to cancel.

Instead I'm forced to spend twenty minutes of my time fending off this retentions guy from trying to sell me an iPad or a laptop "on the best network for blah blah whatever".

After telling him repeatedly that I already have an iPhone and tether through it on my One Plan when out and about; as well as having home broadband I really don't need to be continuously force feed the retentions crap for another 10 minutes.

Considering that I've had my main account since 2003 I'm sure I should be entitled to some respect when I say "no I do not need this dongle, I do not use it any more and I don't wish to pay for that" the first time, let alone the fifteenth time.

So @ThreeUKSupport, comments plz.

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