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More spam!

I got another one of those fucking spam messages trying to scam me out of my money, so I spammed him back! (and blacklisted his email address, mind you he gets an email back from the server that says "Your message can not be delivered because 'your a fucking twat' ...")

My reply to him
Dear sir,

Are you willing to change long distance providers? If so Two.Tel can
provide you with the best rates around!
Just have a look at some of our competitive rates*!

Australia from 9p
Afghanistan from 69 yen
Canada from only 8 euro cent
Denmark from 390 afghanis
England from 18 dinars
Guam from 15 pesos
Hong Kong from 1 markkaa

for more details ring Two.Tel or swing a sock full of chinese yuen around
your head while singing
'God Save The Queen'

* = Rates are based on a per minute scheme, a connection fee of 0.175 euro
cent, 0.098 canadian cents and 0.9985p
applies to all calls made from earth. Monthly subscription fee of €13.22,
£2.09 and $22.93 required.

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