Кевин (mmn) wrote,

This is the butcher shop.

So what has happened in the last week to make an effort on the old LiveJournal?

Well not a whole lot but in a good way, job is going alright, had a relaxed weekend where I opted out of vacuuming. Not because I have to give a monkeys about the credit left on my UTTERLY AWESOME CREDIT METER, but because I couldn't fathom half a fuck to get out of my pants and stop scratching my MANLY BALLS in lieu of the skank ass carpet that is, I suspect, sentient.

On the plant front I think it was safe to assume its fucked. I'm watering it and leaves are falling off still and I'm sure it hates me. It's just short of unleashing that plant shit out of «The Happening» and trust me when this poinsettia is ready it's going to drop like a corpse and everybody in 5 miles will be etching their eye balls out with their clubcards.

I also had EPIC TOILET DRAMA over the weekend where it clogged and unclogged on its own accord, but not after I bought a £10 plunger out of desperation and need of a number two (both items are linked, in the same way Tesco Value loo roll and «drain blockage» are).

As I had to slum in places like Wilkinsons and Poundland, I took the opportunity to buy cut rate stationary and pens.

I got this for a few pence and I have a load of coloured pens for say, 10p. Tiny Chinese baby hands do make good writing utilities.

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