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Today I met some ducks.

So I went for a wander in to one of the parks on the trading estate. I had one run in with this gaggle from hell. But I thought I'd have a sit down and they'd swim around and do duck shit as you expect ducks to do.

Not these motha duckas, they swam to shore got up on land and when I was checking Facebook it was "WACK WACK WACK BITCH!".

I sat there paralysed with fear, cos one of these hard ass mofos was giving me duck evils. It got a bit much when one of them was under the bench "WACK WACK wacking" right below my bum.

So I did a runner, shortly followed by the ducks until I got to the hedge on the edge of the park where they broke off.

I learned my lesson. Bring bread for my duck masters tomorrow.

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Tags: crazy, daffy, duck a fuck, ducks, fuck a duck, nature, skurrey, via ljapp

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