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Douchebags of Grindr

Bitch. We can see your wedding ring, Mr. Right my fucking ass.

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...and he shaved that pattern into his chest hair? Intentionally?

It's probably natural. I've seen enough naked men to confirm this.

(Deleted comment)
Its crazy that guys do this. Just be honest, say you're married there are hundreds of other guys who are more than happy to sleep with you.

Just don't play the "Looking for Mr. Right" bullshit.

Civil partne- ah forget it.

I like your style but this dude is on the down low. That's not a civil partnership ring, the gheys just know.

It is a bit babby's first gay curious experience isn't it? I was more alarmed by how pale and soft he is. Still I guess even if he's handsome he can't use a pic of his face in case his wife sees it. Although I suspect she'd recognise that gut anywhere?

It's not one of those obscure guts either, you kind of know when it belongs to you; or at least half of it when you divorce.</p>

Perhaps there should be some kind of picture book for this kind of situation that we could send him from his amazon wish list.

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- Top or Bottom? An illustrated picture book
- Fisting, How to Explain the Related Injuries to your GP.

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