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Cheerleader Cherie

Lezzie Just Be Friends.

Although the whole pet plan was completely bound on the success or failure of my poinsettia plant (which is now dead), it appears that I now have one.

It's small, very self sufficient and it's not going to let me kill it.

Do you think you might know what it is yet? No?

Alright then, it's a house spider and it's living quite contently in my bathroom. I don't know what it's been eating and it's barely moved from behind the toilet, but it seems to be alive and thriving.

It's sat above a small hole in the wall next to the bath's waste pipe that goes in to the utility room. I keep my servers in there, so I think it might go in there for food and warmth (it is extremely hot in that room).

I'm not the kind of person who likes spiders, but if they keep their business to themselves then they can stay. So we will see how our relationship grows and if I have to prematurely end it's existence with an Argos catalogue when it breaches my personal space.

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