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I just checked my email and this showed up:

I just came across your images on the Internet, at:

You are a very handsome guy !!

I run an amateur website, at:

If you are interested in checking it out, the following link is a "back
door" to the site, which should work for the next 10 days or so:
-- link removed --

I would be very pleased to feature your pictures on the site. In return, I
will give you free access, and a link to your homepage, or email address,
or whatever you like.

If you are interested, more information about being featured on the site
may be found at:

Please note that this site is not a "porno" site in the usual sense. Quite
a few of the amateur guys have provided nude images, but this is not a

This personal email has been sent to you because I think you are very cute,
and I would genuinely like to have your images on the site, whether or not
you would be willing to provide naked images.

If you are not interested, please disregard this message; there is no need
to reply.


This isn't spam, the guy is really serious! You say, but it looks like spam, well he took the time to get past the whitelist WITHOUT getting a 'try' taken off of his address.

So yeah, dude is serious, I'd check the site, but I'm at work and really I could probably get fired for it.

Whateva, now my ego has shot through the roof.

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