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Bloggeur Hipster depuis 2000.

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Janet Boob

What's Occurin'. The abridged version.

Where do I start with this post? There has been so much to choose from since I started writing this blasted thing. I think we'll start from there start and perhaps the most important and hilarious thing.

The state of Israel.

It all started with a slightly comedic tinyurl which then turned in to a full on conversation with the entire state. As you do.

From that interesting encounter, I proceeded to rip holes in to First Bus for generally being utterly useless and completely dismissive of their customers.

As seen above, the 0850 at 0859 unbothered about its lack of movement.

Also above, a friendly customer feedback form advising that nobody really cares and that you'll pretty much never get a reply.

Turns out that when you tweet their PR lady for the south west, you get selective replies to your problems. I'll tick this one down as "needs improvement, but fair effort".

Next challenge was the ever so creative BT and their spaztacular broadband usage meter. I started to think it was a bit odd that my PCs were using about 3GB a month and my router reading something on the lines of 3.7GB throughput in 13 days, but BT's nifty colourised usage meter was off on planet "what the fuck". In 4 days it was reading 9GB usage then started going up 4-6GB a day without the actual usage being of that calibre.

When I contacted BT they were nice enough to provide a handy web form so they could check it out. Oh how handy it was, it blocked every effort at me entering my email address. I spent something on the lines of 25-30 minutes trying to get around it before I went completely and utterly sparko.

Not even shortly after that I received a reply from BT about my broadband, they completely managed to fuck up my landline and it was dead for four days.

Not exactly the best series of issues to string in a row. But hey ho, who expects their BT services to work as described.

I need to go back to BT in the next couple days to advise them of the results of my on going broadband meter on my PCs. It's not looking good for them. One reads 20mb in the last week and the other just under a megabyte.

The next big thing to have landed in my ever so interesting life is my new bike on the work cycle scheme. I don't know how I can explain what a brilliant idea it was to surrender €500 of my wages in to it.

Since getting it last Thursday I decided that on Friday I would cycle to work. The journey took under an hour and I swear every part of me hurt. On Saturday I went down to ASDA which also wasn't exactly my finest moment, but then on sunday something clicked. I did two journeys, first one was a work dry run (half way).

Then that afternoon I cycled in to Shirehampton pulling another 22km, in total that day I did something like 30km and I felt alright.

Since then each day has been getting easier and easier, still a bit rough at the moment but my body is getting used to it and I'm not stopping. I've already passed one of my goals yesterday morning (a flyover opposite Royal Mail in Filton) and this evening the mega hill after Filton College. I have a few extra steps to go but once I'm there you won't be able to stop me!

I've also noticed I'm not eating as much (or boredom eating) and generally more energetic. I reckon I'll probably lose something between 1st and 2st in the next month or so.

And finally, this is friggin epic:

96 cans of Pepsi. Biatches.

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