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Let me tell you a story of my people...

So as I mentioned a few days ago, I have a new addition to my wardrobe. Not exactly my best fashion tip ever, but as the saying goes; Sh! It Happens!

Back to a time long ago, I left work early to go to a doctors appointment for my dodgy knee. Cycling along Gloucester Road only about 15 minutes from home, I was over the obnoxious elevations upwards and coasting on the downhill. Life was fine, face cold and the wind breezing through my helmet.

Until I get midway down, slightly before The Prom, I have a motorcyclist next to me and passing parked cars on my left. Thats when I see my route suddenly close with the front of a car, a car looking me in the eye and pulling out from parked.

That was exactly the moment I figured I was fucked. Pulled the back brakes, but it was pointless as all I can remember is declaring "SHIT!" and biting the road as I went face first in to it. According to witnesses I hit the car and others say I hit the motorbike too. Either way, I hit the road after that.

I remember being on the road listening to the motorcyclist bollocking the car driver for not watching what he was doing, a woman came out and offered to help, I was completely perplexed where I was and I thought I had smashed out my front teeth (I vividly remember the feeling of my front tooth smashing on the tarmac) and the blood on my hands semi-confirmed that. I was helped in to this lady's van and my vision was all white, I think I may have also been bouncing around in and out of consciousness.

I got a first responder from the Ambulance service who said later on that I was completely white and not all there when he arrived. Disturbingly I remember he also called for an ambulance on a priority one.

I also remember the moment the pain actually hit, must have been a good 10 to 15 minutes afterward but I remember falling to one side screaming in this womans van.

By the time the ambulance showed up, my vision had got much better and some what lucid enough to give my details and a statement to the police. The copper who took my details was properly fit and also took my bike back to the station nearest to mine so I could collect when I was able to.

The rest of all this was terribly boring, but I have to menton that the ambulance technician was also quite fit as well. At this stage I was looking at the silver lining on this epic cloud of shit.

Went to A&E to get diagnosed and checked, got my X-Rays did too. During the X-Ray process they had me move my arm in to seriously painful positions, I did start shouting and swearing when it really hurt, although they were understanding as I'd scream something like "FUCKING SHIT I'M SO SORRY" and "I'M SORRY FOR MY MOTHER-FUCK LANGUAGE". I also profusely apologised once the pain had stopped and after the last X-Ray and they we're quite nice chaps.

After that I was dropped in to an A&E cubicle to get the results, the doctor made sure my left hand wasn't broken (although it's sore and hard to grip), didn't have any broken or damaged ribs and also checked the state of my legs and scrapes, etc. He came back after going through that and the X-Rays to advise that my wrist was broken and a bone in my arm was also fractured.

Good thing was I didn't need surgery and they were going to cast it for the night and make a decision the following day.

I got casted and released and made my way home that evening.

I will write what happened from there another time as it's pretty difficult to type at the moment, but the main point is other than being bruised, cut and broken I'm alright :)

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Holy shit, dude! I'm glad you made it out alive! :O

It's most e certainly not an experience I ever want to have again and the sooner I never have to go to the BRI again the better!

Edited at 2012-02-05 21:51 (UTC)

That sucks - and you only just got starting with cycling as well. Meh.

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