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Miss Ting, Ur Hurr

Dangerous Driving

I can not believe the ignorance and stupidity of people now days. I was crossing the road on All Saints Street, literally in the middle of the road when this woman driving an old style silver corsa turned in to the road and accelerated at me.

Completely ignoring the fact that under the highway code I have a right of way, she thought it was ok to try and bowl me over.

I darted across the road shopping et al, I turned around and shouted at her because she either wasn't paying attention or completely oblivious to the responsibilities of having a driving licence. She then thought it was appropriate to give me the V sign.

Yes, because I'm an asshole for crossing the road in a safe, responsible manner and you're the innocent victim of a shouty one armed man who you deliberately tried to run down.

If you see her, she was white, black hat, black gloves and black jacket driving a silver vauxhall corsa (late 90s/early 2000 model), last seen heading up all saints street, Bristol, BS1.

I should have grabbed her registration to report to the police.

It's this kind of driving that causes preventable injury and death on our roads.

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