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Awkward health moment is awkward.

So last night after suffering from some crazy shit withdrawal symptoms of a painkiller it almost came time to call an Ambulance.

I had the fun symptoms of:-
• Dizzyness
• Headaches
• Appetite Suppression
• Nausea

However, it turns out that these side effects compound in to pure hell on their own accord. I felt as if I literally couldn't eat more than a few mouthfuls of food, so I hadn't ate a whole lot over the last week. Of course masked by the existing headaches and the occasional dizzy spell I didn't quite realise how hungry I was either.

Last night however, it got bad. I stood up and my lips went numb, I looked at my hands and my finger tips were blue.

Uh oh. Scary moment.

I worked out what the problem was, considering I ate something like 1 500 calories over four or five days, I took the drastic option of literally force feeding myself an entire pizza. Honestly, that wasn't as easy as it sounds with no appetite and nausea, let alone the feeling of being dead.

But it worked, woke up this morning feeling a whole lot better but the eating thing still isn't easy. But at least it's not long until I'm off these god forsaken side effects and my hospital appointment is on Thursday.

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glad to hear you're at least feeling better today

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