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Pete Burns is weird.

No More Cast!

So my cast came off yesterday, it was a glorious moment that took mere seconds. When it came off not a whole lot happened, my arm was a lot smaller and the top layer of skin was dead.

I was taken through to see a nurse afterwards who decided it was best I had physiotherapy when I managed to twist a bit a nearly knocked myself out in a haze of pain. But I got some water out of it and another appointment to get it right.

They did warn it was going to hurt and I had to do it to get it right. Horrible horrible system this!

This morning though, when I took a shower my right hand was covered in a "skin paste". It was vile and hasn't washed off STILL. Ugh.

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The things I remember from getting my cast off after I broke my wrist (I was like 10 or 11 at the time) are how much my arm itched like a mothafucka and the STENCH.

I think I got off lightly! Didn't have the itch when it was on or came off and not a smell either.</p>

But Jesus Christ on a pogo-stick, there is literally large flakes of skin peeling off and that skin paste on my palm freaks me out! It's like being a zombie!

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