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Now I'm angry bro.

So I got my bike back from the shop from the service, they fixed my brake cables and also said that the wheels were quite badly buckled but they sorted it out too and left me with instructions on how to keep an eye on it.

It was good of them to fix it free on the first service, but now I'm really angry about this collision. Break me, whatever, break my bike imma break you.

It's bad enough I can't use my bike for the next two or so months and the cost that has put me under to get to and from work but for this dickhead to have broke my wrist, seriously limited my life, damage my bike and make me throw money at First Bus like I have it, nah that isn't on.

So on Monday I'm calling the police traffic unit to find what the hell they're playing at and get myself some insurance details cos dude has a bill to pay and it's growing weekly.

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