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Complaint Letters

Seriously. I fucking hate this country some times, fucking police couldn't be shitted to report my collision as an "accident" which means no investigation nor charges for the fucktard that put me in the back of an ambulance.

Then I have to write a steaming fucking letter to a shit bus company about the abso-fucking-lute basic maintenance of vehicles licensed to carry passengers.

But then, oh then, well let me just show you that email.

Hi Nathaniel,

Two things:-

1) just found this little (dead) chap

And secondly, it appears I have fungus growing from my ceiling from the leak I reported a while back.

Is this going to be sorted, because I don't want to know what kind of fungus that is (and I'm sure it's probably not a nice one) and I certainly don't want to meet another mouse on these terms again.

Envoyé de mon iPhone

Honestly if we can't fucking bother to do even a half fucking assed job no wonder there is a recession and complete fucktards are panic buying petrol for hours.

Welcome to Great HERP Britain DEEERP!

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