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Hee hee!

Get back on the horse (or bike)

So some how I managed to pull it off a couple times this morning.

Sure it's only 4km but its a start and it can be done, which is important as I can't afford another month of bus fare.

The only problems I'm having now is pain and soreness from the inflexibility in my wrist and that I don't have full flexibility in my elbow/arm movement.

That's the easy part (ibuprofen can fix!), what I didn't bank on is that my road confidence has literally been smashed out of me when I hit the road. Being near cars just completely scares the absolute shit out of me now, considering I did this on a Sunday, I sense an actual weekday might be a real issue to over come.

I'm quite annoyed (with everything else) with the guy who did this, the break is bad enough but the next few months is probably going to be the hardest part of this all.

On the arm front, I have to keep putting more weight on it, force movement until its sore and get the elbow back to what it was kind of like before. The Bone Crusher is very positive, I'm less apprehensive now that I'm only 22 degrees of movement away from full movement.

If I can't get any further or if I only get a few more degrees and that's it, I can live with that if I can't get 100% movement back. But I'm aiming for 110% synergetic movement (to coin a bollocks managementism).

I've started to get a touch of issue off the left hand, but the bruise that has been on there since the accident seems to be going away so perhaps that shall be the last of that considering I don't have to put everything on it all the time.

So in general, more positive, still pain (but good pain) and considering this mornings fear soaked success I can start looking forward and stop bitching about hitting the deck.

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