Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Let me tell you a tale of Friday Night…

tldr; according to @Mr_Musings: @KevinC good intentions. I can summarise that story in 6 words "I drank too much with my friends".

Seeing as I'm still up like a [euphemism here], I shall tell you the tale of my people.

On Friday it was arranged a meal and enough alcohol to sink perhaps the titanic, we laughed and we ate and drank. And took pictures.

Other than that, I'm pretty hazy on the specifics but I know I ended up in Rewind with a few people and I was steamingly intoxicated by the time I went to bed.

Hilariously I didn't sober up until about mid-day Saturday. Good times!

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Tags: drink, drink irresponsibly, food, food related, friday, friends, vendredi, via ljapp, zero degrees

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