Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Oh Gooorl

So clearly a good week this has been for all.  Happy Easter, like Christmas but with more chocolate and less tedious familyism on my televisual box.

Let us first cover the news of the now, this userpic:-

Now that's over and done with, today has been slightly better than yesterday.  Rach and Ash popped down to help me with the bike tyre as last night, no word of a lie, I was going to light that fucker up like The Wickerman.  The tyre is now on and in one piece, the wheel doesn't seem buckled either; just me not putting the quick release on properly (I think, might be wrong).

Today the credit crunch has finally hit, I survived the recession, fuel hikes, fuel panic, public transport increases.  But what I won't survive is the tax (I MEAN HELPFUL LIMITATION - DON'T SNOOP MY EMAIL PLZ) on drink, thanks Theresa May for not only failing to answer the question on your own drinking habits on BBC's Breakfast programme but saving us all from responsible drinking by absolutely shitting on the last thing we all have to escape the Con-Dem (Powered by NuLabour™) hell hole we live in.

I think of you as I'm making hooch in my bath tub bitch.
Tags: bike, biking, hooch, hooch reference, politics, presidential, theresa may

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