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So #FirstBus respond.

I got a response from First Bus in reference to my complaint, see my email in the cut.

To whom it may concern,


I travelled on the 309 Service this morning from Bristol Bus Station to Aztec West. As we proceeded up Gloucester Road the bus was stopped by the police and an officer came to the door to advise the driver that the bus did not have any functioning brake lights.


Although the police allowed the vehicle to carry on, I don't feel it's acceptable for First Bus to have a bus in service that would not pass an MOT test.


I also find it disturbing that this was not picked up earlier on the vehicle, considering this is a basic maintenance concept; I also highly doubt both lights would have ceased functioning at the same time so this would have occurred over time.


As I'm sure you can understand, with the state of some of the buses on the 309/310 route this hardly fills me with confidence that as a passenger and a paying customer First Bus are taking my safety and that of other road users seriously.


Your contact form also states "...but cannot respond to all feedback we receive." which on top of my current view of the service provided by First Bus with today's situation, doesn't exactly fill me with confidence that you are prepared to listen to my comments and respond to me accordingly.


I look forward to your timely response in this matter.




Kevin Costelloe


Dear Mr Costelloe,


Thank you for your E-Mail. Thank you for contacting us by E-mail, and we were sorry to learn of your feelings concerning the service 309 bus on which you travelled. Our drivers should all undertake a first use check of their vehicles which includes checking their brake lights, and we will be looking at the details of this vehicles checks and investigating this matter further.


Thank you again for bringing this matter to our attention.


If you need anything further please do not hesitate to contact us by replying to this e-mail and quoting the reference:


First Customer Services


I'm so going to tear this apart, my question has barely been answered to start off with; they've basically set no expectation (am I going to get a further reply? Has it been ignored?) and it's unbelievably impersonal.


Plus, seeing as this transgression occurred after I sent this email I don't really feel like accepting bullshit:-



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