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There appears to be a long post about things.

Holy recap batman! There are many things that I need to write about but haven't got around to doing it before now, but here I is writing and typing like it's back in style.

I shall take you back to a time, a time early on in the existance of man. We shall call it the 1st April 2012.

It was the day that Steve popped down to Bristol for the day, the weather was fantastic and we had a bit of a walk about on the waterfront and up through one of the more finest parks Clifton could provide. We ended up going to Nando's which is conincidently the first time I have passed through the doors of a Nando's (I'm a late starter clearly).

It was all a rather enjoyable day in all.

Since then it's been one thing after another, I had a really bad time when my rear tyre on my bike went and with that plus the 3 months of broken arm, physio and the torrential rain that started to fall shortly after I had to commence my 3 mile walk to work. Life was a bit shit from there onwards.

I did quite enjoy the Easter Weekend though after the bike was fixed, I managed to do a couple big cycles over that weekend. The first was to Avonmouth and the following day was a failed attempt at both Pill and Servern Beach. The first one to Avonmouth turned out to be a 30km journey and the second being a 40km journey, which is a rather good run for the weekend.

Although since then MapMyRide is being so judgemental telling me my riding is 22% down from last week and being a failure at life. Win some, you lose some.

The other news is that I have my birthday coming up, not really looking forward to that at all but at least I'm arranging to have some drinks and night out like it's the end of time itself. On a more amusing note, since i have been on this LiveJournal since 2000, have a look at the shit I wrote on my 18th Birthday. I shall post more about this shortly.

Oh also, I'm trying to flog a phone for I require funds.

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